‘Down Here Vol.1’ (2xc69)

Down Here Vol.1Compilation
South-East Queensland & NSW Northern Rivers experimental/noise compilation featuring exclusive recordings from 22 artists/projects spread across a deluxe, 2xC-69 double-cassette package.

Professionally duplicated & cut to length high quality cassettes, factory direct-printed cassette shells, heavy 250gsm mono-printed silk coated J-cards, housed in a new ‘butterfly’/double-cassette ‘Norelco’ style case.

Mastered by Konec. Design by EM & LG. Curated, hand-numbered & assembled by EM

‘Down Here’ features some of the most rare, never-heard projects in the region with many artists choosing to stay anonymous and deep underground. This compilation was pore over with unwavering respect and admiration for these incredible, inspiring artists. 

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*note that any track starting with ‘untitled’ is entirely untitled and only changed to ‘untitled abcd’ etc by the distributors for digital dissemination  

A01. CCUntitled (06:15)
A02. Joe MusgroveLive to Air RRR (09:32)
A03. Obverse LiteratureMother of Ants (05:18)
A04. MAKUntitled (05:16)
A05. Creek ShapeNatural Veranda (07:14)
B01. Psychedelic MicrowavesUntitled (06:33)
B02. RaquelNew Detachments, Nude Attachments (11:17)
B03. Dog WorldUntitled (06:20)
B04. Matt, Nicola & MichaelUntitled (10:05)
C01. The Year of the Auchenflower Red Light District Sex Olympics1990 (15:26)
C02. DitchdogUntitled (02:48)
C03. Ross ManningUntitled (04:02)
C04. LGUnsustainable (03:44)
C05. 6Majik9Fat Prayer (05:22)
C06. Tistriallal BindsLights (02:55)
D01. UnwarFinger Food (06:20)
D02. Gongfresh & ClamtownGalactic Milk Curdle (03:21)
D03. Unique Oil Free AirWith Bells On (03:03)
D04. The Perfect LoversLive at Phase 4 (06:10)
D05. SluprUntitled (03:37)
D06. SCISSORSephir 1 (09:07)
D07. Charles CurseGold Mountain Hi (02:46) 

Catalogue # EM21
Release date: 1st December 2018
All Rights Reserved | ℗ All Listed Artists, Essential Minerals 2019
Notes: New cassette & case, recycled jcard