A Natural Low (c90)

‘A Natural Low’

Catalogue # EM19

Live at EBBC – Cock Safari, TxSx, The Perfect Lovers

‘A Natural Low’ was an event held at the East Brisbane Bowls Club on Sunday 20th November 2016 with three acts appearing:

A special, one-off reunion set from Tx Sx (members of Pluto, Faecal Flower, etc) featuring amp/mic feedback red-light clipped destruction & circuit-bent/hand-built electronics.

Cock Safari made the trip up from Newcastle, NSW, and this was his second set of the weekend after wrestling with the blown-out P.A. the previous night. This set is much more tenacious, thought-out, CS being much more relaxed and as such able to push his circuit-bent troniks & 8-tracks set-up to it’s limits.

Led by the inimitable Jamie Hume (The Auchenflower Red Light District, The Year of the Sex Olympics) and featuring members from Unique Oil Free Air, Blend 42 from Outer Space, Wtem, and many more The Perfect Lovers performed to a stunned few with one of their most cohesive yet relentlessly destructive sets to date since their reunion a few years ago.

All sets recorded live with a dictaphone and then dubbed straight-to-tape.

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Digital copies can be found at Bandcamp

Side A: TxSx, Cock Safari
Side B: Cock Safari (pt.2), The Perfect Lovers

Release date: 11th July 2017
All Rights Reserved | ℗ Cock Safari, TxSx, The Perfect Lovers, Essential Minerals 2017
Notes: Recycled cassette & case, recycled jcard